Sunday, January 31, 2010

I blame MALWARE!!

I failed to post an update for the past two weeks because my computer came under attack by a lovely virus named Malware that poses as a Microsoft security alert. It downloaded a bunch of naughty links to my computer and would not let us download any virus protection software. We ended up wiping the whole computer and reloading windows. I can't believe how much I depend on my computer for both entertainment and to keep connected with the outside world!! I am so grateful for my computer genius little brother who fixed it for me. He told me he was going to charge me. I offered him my first born child as payment, but he declined.

So to catch up, the highlight of last week was that Joseph's cousin Hyrum took out his endowments in the Dallas Temple, and we were able to attend the session. This was the first time I have been able to go to the Dallas temple since Nicholas was born! I love going to the temple with family because it seems like a little piece of heaven. We all got together for a early dinner at Marylynn's house and had a lot of fun catching up.

The low light of last week was cold weather and a malfunctioning car. Last week was rainy and VERY COLD. On the wettest night the week, I went out visiting teaching. After visiting with this sister, I ran back to the car only to find that it wouldn't start. The battery was completely dead. I had to run back to the house and they got their truck and pushed my car until I could pop the clutch and get it running. They were so kind and even followed me home. I was so thankful especially since I had Nicholas with me. I thought I must have left something on in the car when I was rushing to get Nicholas into the warm house, so I hoped the car would start the next morning. However, it decided it was not going to start again even though I had to take Joseph to the train station because it was too rainy to take his scooter. So I ended up running down the street in my pajamas pushing our car so Joseph could pop the clutch and get it started. I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the show. That night after determining one of the posts was broken in our battery, Joseph was able to replace the battery and we haven't had a problem since! I love having a handy husband:)

As for this week, it has been pretty boring. Joseph had to study so we didn't do anything fun. He had a big Physiology test on Friday. To celebrate the week being over, we went out to East Buffet. Joseph picked the restaurant because it was a buffet. The place had all you can eat Chinese and Mongolian food. I wasn't too excited about going there. However, when we got there I discovered they had all you can eat crab legs!!! It was a lot of fun and the food was surprisingly good. Another highlight of the week was stake conference down in Duncanville. The major theme of conference was missionary work. They stressed that it is no longer good enough to just be an example. We need to be actively doing missionary work. He said our motto should be, "Ready, Fire, Aim." He says too many people spend too long with the "aiming" part.

Also, since last update. Nicholas is doing much better sleeping in his crib. He typically only gets up once in the night. His bald spot, however, has drastically increased in size.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleepless in Irving

Since he was born, Nicholas has enjoyed sleeping in his swing. I was too tired to fight this propensity and promised myself I would do it when he turned three months old. So last Sunday, we started having him sleep in the crib. He is up about every hour (sometimes more). Most of the time we just rewrap him in his swaddle and give him his pacifier. He then goes right back to sleep. He is a little Houdini about getting out of his swaddle. After the first full night in the crib, I discovered in the morning that he has created a nice big bald spot on the back of his head.

Bald is beautiful.

We also have started up again our battle against Nicholas's thrush. After two rounds of Nystain we are trying the old school remedy of Gentian Violet. It is a messy treatment which dyes all his spit up and drool bright purple.

Nicholas as the happy purple people eater.

Today feels like spring!!! We enjoyed a lovely walk around our neighborhood.

Highlights of the week include: getting 6 free gallons of milk at the American Airlines center, dressing Nicholas in all his 3-6 month old clothes, visiting Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine (a 300,000-square-foot man store), eating dinner at Dr. Jenkins house (best butternut squash I have ever had!), teaching my sunbeam class (I FINALLY have a calling!), and Joseph finishing embryology.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick Update about Christmas Break

Luckily, life has been kinder to us since our very bad week last December. We left on December 19th for Utah and were there until the 1st of January. We had a fabulous time. Nicholas finally met his Grandpa Wells and he also met all of his living great grandparents. Nicholas also loved meeting all his aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Nicholas, Joseph, and Great Grandmother Muhlestein

Great Grandpa Wells, Grandpa Wells, Maren, and Nicholas

Maren, Nicholas, Grandma Wells, and Great Grandpa Bott

Nicholas and Great Grandpa Bott

While we were in Utah, Nicholas was blessed on December 27th. Below is a picture of all the men that were in the circle.