Sunday, November 2, 2014


Atlas Max Wells Muhlestein

Carrier of Greatness

Atlas was born about midway through the month and I am now posting it up.  He has been a great baby and has already shown much difference in personality from his siblings.  Lexi loves to bring him toys and Nicholas is proud to announce that he now has a brother, something Lexi has had that he didn't.

Atlas isn't a family name, but it is one that we liked.  His name Max is after Maren's grandfather who recently passed away.  Our interpretation is that Atlas means "carrier" and Max means highest, greatest, greatness etc. (as in "maximum") and so together and as a name means "carrier of greatness".  We hope that he able to live up to his name, but if he turns out to look like this rendition of an ancient mythological Atlas, that would be pretty fancy too.