Monday, May 31, 2010

Nicholas in the Park

For Memorial Day we went to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's concert in the park performance. Nicholas was in top form in the cuteness factor.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nicholas at 7 months

A few things about Nicholas:
  • He is sitting up reasonably well. Every time he topples over, he looks shocked. I cry, "Weeee" and clap. Then, he gives me a big smile.
  • We are still trying to convince him that it is not manly to cry like a little girl every time he finishes nursing. I have a hard time taking him into the nursing room at church because he distracts all the other children with his pre-feeding fussing, mid-feeding fussing, and post-feeding tantrum. Hardly anything (besides Daddy), distracts Nicholas when he is nursing.
  • Nicholas is an amazing burper.
  • He still spits up a lot.
  • He loves blowing spit bubbles. He drools A LOT especially since his hands are always in his mouth. He also loves putting his hands in mommy's mouth.
  • He can fit the whole green soothie pacifier in his mouth and then send it shooting out.
  • He shows no signs of teeth.
  • He has mastered eating rice cereal mixed with bananas. About a month ago, I was really worried if he would ever like solid food. We would put a tiny bit on his tongue and he would start to gag. It turns out he loves food, just not disgusting/bland baby food. In order to maintain his figure, he is not going to waste his time eating bland stuff. If I'm not willing to eat it, neither is he.
  • He still sleeps swaddled, but it takes two blankets to keep him contained. I cut up some old torn sheets and use them to swaddle him now that it is warm. He also now sleeps naked with a fan on him. He won't cry himself to sleep, he only escalates and gets REALLY HOT. Luckily, he is usually very easy to put down.
  • He has probably rolled over from tummy to back about ten times (mostly by accident). He won't do tummy time unless he is well rested and in a good mood. He can do a 360 turn while on his tummy.
  • He can stand while holding on to the couch. He can't pull himself up to this position.
  • He LOVES his walker. He mostly jumps while he is in it. He hasn't figured out the whole walking thing. Mainly, he will see something interesting and lean in that directions and eventually get over there.
  • His favorite toys are things that he is not suppose to play with (aka cords, plastic bags, magazines, papers, glasses, bowls, etc.)
  • He laughs a lot and smiles constantly! He is an angel, especially when you are holding him and devoting your full attention to him.
  • His bald spot is growing hair!!