Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

On Monday, we celebrated Easter with my parents. We did an Easter egg hunt and dyed Easter eggs. Since this Easter egg hunt, we have done an Easter egg hunt each day. Nicholas wakes up and will tell me, "Mom, lets play Easter egg hunt. I need, I need, I need, I need an Easter egg hunt." Today we were doing our Easter egg hunt before church and Nicholas looked up and said, "This is the best Valentine's Day ever!!"

Lexi with her Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Wells.

Our neighbor brought over these bags filled with Easter treats. They are amazing at picking the perfect gifts for the kids. We have the BEST neighbors.

We grabbed this picture before church. We were almost late which was really bad because I had to give a talk in sacrament. I have the cutest family!!

We had a down pour today. In about 15 minutes, our backyard was transformed into a pool!!

Lexi at 5 1/2 months

Lexi turned 5 months the day her grandparents came from Utah. Needless to say, her 5 month post is late!!

Weight: 19.5 lbs
Height: 26.5 inches
Clothing Size: 9 months and up
Eye Color: Still has beautiful blue eyes
Hair Color: Slightly red. I think it is just because her dark hair is fading to blonde.

Notable First Times:
  • Touching a snake.
  • Swimming in a pool.
  • Tasting ice cream.
  • Going out of the metroplex.
  • Sleeping overnight somewhere besides her home.
  • Going to the zoo and Sea World.
  • Living through a tornado.
  • Mini haircut.
  • Popping a bubble.
Favorite Toys:
This is the first month where she has been really interested in toys, which is different from her big brother who never really loved toys. Lexi does get frustrated because she can't really control her motions enough to make the toy do exactly what she wants.
  • A noisy potato chip bag
  • A cool ball that has lots of holes in it so she can grip it.
  • Her love bug
  • Her tongue is what entertains her the most. It is always available!! She loves to smack it. My friend thinks it sounds like she is blowing kisses:)
  • Lexi can no longer be left alone on the couch. She can sit herself up and then topple over.
  • She still has not rolled over.
  • She doesn't mind being on her tummy unless she is tired.
  • She can really get around in her walker. Her favorite places to go is to our big sliding glass door to look outside or next to Nicholas' high chair when Nicholas is in it. Nicholas cries like a little girl when Lexi chases him in the walker. He yells, "Don't get me Lexi. Don't get me." She likes to run over Nicholas' toes.
  • She definitely can't sit by herself.
Nicholas was definitely a Mama's boy. Lexi on the other hand is happy to be passed around and will share her little smiles with anyone. The big exception to this is if she is hungry. She will put up a big fuss and then she will give a little happy chuckle when she sees me. This will turn to more cries if she doesn't get fed soon. She loved having her Grandparents here and loved being spoiled.

She slept through the night for about two weeks. She quit that when we went on vacation. If she had her way, she would take two naps. One at 10:30 and one at 4. She would then go to bed sometime around 8-9.

She was the BEST traveler. As long as you kept her fed, she was happy to sleep in her stroller or the car seat when she got a chance. She didn't complain about not having a schedule or not getting any good sleep. She was just pure joy!!

Reaction to Nicholas:
She loves him. He captures her attention. Of course, Nicholas is always doing something interesting and making lots of noise!! She will just wheel her walker over to his high chair and coo at him.

Lexi likes to work her hat or headband over her eyes before she falls asleep.

Her she is being a great traveler. She is such a WONDERFUL child!

We stopped in Burnet and took pictures in the blue bonnets.

Lexi has gotten so great at using her walker. In the past week, she has learned to maneuver it on purpose.

Nicholas gave her a hat.

She LOVES her tongue.

This is a common sight. Lexi loves to look at her brother.

Lexi played dress up with us. She has a fireman hat and a princess dress.

Lexi was so cute when we had a picnic. She just loves being outside.

Lexi's first trip to the zoo.

Lexi's first tornado!