Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy April!

As March comes to a close and we move into the exciting new world of April, we thought we would take the chance to get you all caught up on the world of Joseph and Maren. Our big news from March is that we finally closed on our house. That’s right, we are now officially homeowners.

The strange irony is that while we now own a home, it looks like it may be in the wrong location. On a whim, I decided to apply to Ross University Medical School in Dominica and they recently offered me a full-tuition scholarship with living expenses included. While we were very excited about UT Southwestern, we are now looking forward to avoiding the debt of medical school entirely while enjoying the Caribbean!

As we will be moving away to go to graduate school, tradition dictates that we can’t do so without making my parents grandparents in the process and making them travel to see their new grandchild. And while Dominica is further away than Columbus Ohio, we hope that both sides of the family will be willing to travel to visit the THREE of us. By way of introduction, this is Likely Muhlestein, so named from when we thought he/she was coming but were not entirely sure. Likely is likely to make his/her first appearance in mid-October.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sign me up for that bandwagon!

So my little siblings all banded together to ask for a 'RipStik' and I discovered that they were actually a lot of fun. My older brother decided they were fun too, and decided to purchase one as well. The anti-bandwagon side of me decided that this was far too large of a crowd to join, and I forgot about it for a while. On a recent trip to visit the family, I came across theirs again and found it was still lots of fun. I started thinking I might be willing to get one in spite of their popularity. I mentioned this to my sweet wife, and was surprised to find this one day when I got home!! I've decided to call it "The GIMP" (not to be confused with the software) since its wheel clicks a little when it rides, but it still rides very nice!