Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goodbye to Our First House!!

Lexi has the Greatest Hair!!

Since the Move!!

We sold our house and survived the move back to Utah.  Things are finally slowing down.  We have almost got our new place furnished and functioning.  We miss Texas, except for the heat.  We love being back in Utah though.  We have been busy enjoying the time Joseph had off.  He is right now doing his first rotation in the ER as I type this.  

Since being back, we have been visiting a lot of play places.  We got the Pass of All Passes and have gone to Planet Play, Hollywood Connections, Seven Peaks, and the Fun Center in Orem.  

We have been enjoying the mountains and hiking.  Hiking is very different with two kids.  It is like herding cats.  Mainly we hike until we find water.  Then the kids spend the next half an hour throwing rocks into the water.

We have bought a pass up at This is the Place Park.  The kids love it.  We ride the horses, play in the play village, ride the train, play on the boat, and finally pan for gold.  Panning for gold is Lexi's favorite part.

We had a whirlwind trip back to Texas for Joseph graduation.  He is now an official doctor!!