Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trip to the Tubes

One of my favorite parks/kid places is Irving Bible Church.  They have a big indoor play place, a nice gated park, and free internet.   I come here and always dream of the future when I will be able to bring my kids, sit on a sunny bench, and read a book or surf the web while my children magically entertain themselves.  Until then, I spend my time playing pirate, crawling around on my belly, changing diapers, and prying acorns out of Lexi's mouth.  She is such a little squirrel.  This is also fun, but not really a change of pace.  They were in a particular good mood on Wednesday and it was fun to capture a little bit of their sweet childhood.  

 Lexi made friends with herself.

 I taught Nicholas to salute.

 Nicholas sailed to tree island, monkey island (where we spotted Lexi the monkey), skull rock, and Mickey island.  Nicholas was either Captain Nicholas or Jack.  I was Captain Smelly Feet and I had to walk the slide plank quite a bit due to various serious infractions like touching the steering wheel or coming aboard with out permission.  I also came to an early demise when I was eaten by a shark, who later became Nicholas pet shark and swam next to the boat.

 Lexi little mullet makes me smile.   I love that a little bunch of hair on the top of her head pops up and blows in the wind when she swings.  I love its silky feel and will stroke it whenever I hold her close.  I also love how it sticks out after she goes down slides or swings on the swing.  I especially love it when it is at its fluffiest right after we have washed it. 

My kids love to spin!! Lexi would put up such a fuss when I tried to take her out.  Make sure to turn the sound up so you can hear her little giggle as she spins round and round.