Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lexi at 4 months

On Friday, two wonderful things happened. Joseph finished his Surgery rotation, and Lexi turned four months old. I can't believe that for half of her life Joseph has been on his surgery rotation. I'm happy that Joseph will be around more to see his cute little girl. No one is happier about being done with this rotation than Joseph:) Every time he had a hard day, I would give him Lexi to hold for a few minutes to cheer him up. It always works.

Weight: 18 lbs with diaper and sleeper (Her last weight was with a diaper and sleeper. These weights are also taken on our home scale so they aren't exact.)
Height:25 inches
Head Circumference: 16.5
Percentile: Length= between50-75%, Weight=Above 95%, Head Circumference= between 50-75%
Clothing Size: 6-9 and 9 month tops, 3-6 month pants
Eye Color: Blue
Sleep Schedule: None. She likes to still get up at least twice in the night. She has started to go to bed a little earlier. I need to get her on a good routine. I think I have been so sleep deprived with Joseph being gone all the time and Nicholas being SO ACTIVE and waking up at 6 or 6:30 every morning that I have been just in survival mode. My other excuse is that I love our special snuggle time at night. Nicholas dominates my time during the day, so it has been nice to snuggle her at night.

A Few Things About Lexi:
  • She explores her world using her little tongue. She likes to smack it, suck on it, and lick fuzzy things. She also likes to lick the wind. She surprisingly doesn't drool much.
  • She can almost roll over if she could just figure out how to move her arm out of the way. She really has no major interest in being on her belly. She just wants to be able to lick the blanket underneath her. She can roll over with a little help from Nicholas.
  • She still carries on the greatest coo conversations and loves it when anyone talks to her. She still loves it when you sing the ABCs.
  • She loves to look at the iPad and enjoys watching Mickey with Nicholas. (This is so different than Nicholas at this age.)
  • She doesn't like her pacifier and still won't take a bottle. (This is also very different from Nicholas.)
  • She is very patient if she gets hit or sat on.
  • She likes to sit in her Bumbo.
  • She has gotten very good at getting her hands into her mouth. It is fun to watch her gain some control.
She is still just a sweet, angelic, snugly, piece of heaven on earth. I just LOVE my little girl. I LOVE this stage of life.

This movie is not the greatest but it is the best example of Lexi's active tongue.

Lexi hanging out in her pajamas in her Bumbo.

Lexi dressed up for Valentine's Day. (Joseph thought she looked like a cute little mime.)
Nicholas and Lexi in their little matching outfits. Sadly, I tried really hard but this was the best photo I got out of the two of them. The day was too cold when we took them out and Nicholas wasn't in a posing/listening mood.

Lexi hanging out in her stroller at the park.

Can you blame me? Everyone who looks at those cheeks wants to do it.

Lexi hanging in the backyard looking so cute.

Look at that sweet smile.

This is her gangster look. She thought she was all tough in her cupcake hoodie.

One more because I know everyone is like me an can't get enough of this little cutie!

Lexi is playing store. She had an ice cream shop.

Lexi at story time at the library.

Lexi has recently made friends with Nebi the dinosaur.

Lexi doing her tummy time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lexi at 3 months

Lexi is such a joy!! We are so in love with this little bundle. She is so sweet and considerate. She waits patiently for the most part until Nicholas is down for his nap or asleep to get in her time with Mom. She is full of smiles and coos. I just LOVE having a baby in the house again. She also brings back so many great memories of when Nicholas was a baby, because I think they look just a like.

Lexi makes me feel wonderful every time I am near her. She gets as giddy as a school girl if anyone pays even the littlest bit of attention to her. She starts kicking her legs and smiling when I glance her way. If you talk to her, she will laugh and coo back. She just worships you.

Weight: 17.5 lbs (I think her checks alone weigh a pound each)
Height: 2 ft
Clothing Size: 6 month
Eye Color: Blue (They are fading to a lighter and lighter blue)

  • Licking fuzzy things
  • Staying up late and hanging with Mama
  • Refusing to take a bottle
  • Sucking her binkie only when she is VERY tired
  • Cooing at people (She likes it when you get close to her and do super huge grins.)
  • Sleeping in her carseat
  • Laughing hysterically when I sing her the ABCs.
  • Rubbing the hair on the back of her head off
  • Snuggling
  • Long walks around the house
  • Slipping her hands out of her swaddle
  • Wearing cute outfits
  • Sleeping in random places and in awkward positions
  • Convincing people to hold her
  • Getting her checks kissed by Mama a MILLON times a day
  • Sucking on her hand when she finds it
Sleep Schedule: None

Most Surprising Thing: She doesn't drool or spit up like Nicholas did.

Here she is in her pajamas and a hat hanging out in our backyard.

I'm so glad to finally have another girl in the family to help me with girly things. The above pictures are of our girls afternoon out to Ikea. Lexi had a fabulous time and gave me great advice about which curtains to buy. While we were out, two different children asked if Lexi was a real baby.

Lexi snuggling with Grandfather Muhlestein.

Nicholas thought he would help Lexi catch up on some of her reading. She didn't make one noise while he piled these books on top of her. She just seemed happy to be included.

She is sporting the best baby hairdo ever. She has got a giant bald spot in the back and a little tuft of hair that loves to stick up at the top. L