Sunday, February 2, 2014

Goblin Valley

I had a couple of slower weeks recently which gave us evenings and weekends together as a family.  We decided to take advantage of a free Saturday and drove about 4 hours to Goblin Valley State Park.  It is a very cool place which is a great area for small kids.  The "goblins" are cool rock formations which the kids can climb on and are lots of fun.  It is actually a really small area but when you get down inside the valley, it feels like it goes on forever.  We were worried it was going to be freezing, but the weather was in the forties and clear and was just about perfect.  We all got nice and dirty (especially Lexi) and had a great time.  Making the trip much better was my brother Jordan, his wife Crystal, and their three children who caravaned with us down there.  We had fun putting cousins together in different cars, listening to the Frozen soundtrack, and catching up on how life has been for them.  It also made for lots of fun cousins pictures.

Lexi was in heaven (until she got tired, then she was done)

I also had fun making photospheres of the area.  Here is a link to one (if it works):