Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your Baby Ate Too Much

Joseph had to teach in priesthood, so my new CTR 5 class got to meet Nicholas. Most of the kids were excited for the "baby" to come and visit. One girl in my class took one look at him and told me, "It looks like your baby ate too much." I had to laugh. Nicholas is proud of his little belly. He likes to lift up his shirt and show it to everyone he meets. It is a real crowd pleaser.


Nicholas likes playing hide-and-seek; well, he actually hates the hiding part so I guess he just likes playing seek. Last week, we started playing hide-and-seek with the rings. He LOVES this game and he is pretty good at it. (Sorry that I'm talking to my Mom on the phone during this clip. I didn't know Joseph was filming, but it gives you an idea of how excited he gets playing this game.)

Wii Tennis Champ

Nicholas likes to play Wii Tennis. He will also pick up our other remotes and shake them around like he is playing Tennis.


Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

Nicholas being a shepherd in the Wells Family Nativity play on Christmas Eve. (Sadly, Nicholas had to go to bed before the Muhlestein's Nativity.)

On Christmas Eve, the Muhlesteins have a big dinner and each year it has a different theme. Since I've joined the family, they have done Indian food, English food, and French food. (I hope I am remembering right.) Joseph had the privilege of picking the theme this year. He picked New England cuisine, so they cooked up live lobsters flown in from Maine, coleslaw, bruschetta, and rosemary potatoes. They also bought clam chowder from Market Street Grill. For dessert, we had eclairs. Before the lobsters met their demise, we tried to have all 14 of them race. A couple of them moved a bit, but it wasn't that exciting of a race. Nicholas got to pet one of the lobsters. (FYI: In the month of December, Nicholas managed to pet a sting ray, a lobster, and a camel.)

Grandma and Grandpa Wells took Nicholas to see the lights at Temple Square and to see Hogle Zoo Lights.

We also visited all of Nicholas' great grandparents on this trip.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nicholas at 15 months

Life got busy in December, so I didn't post about Nicholas at 14 months. Nicholas and I came down with a HORRIBLE little stomach bug just before he turned 14 months and it just put me too far behind.

Weight: 27.6 lbs (with a sleeper and diaper on)
Height: 30 1/2 inches
Tooth Count: 8 seriously crooked teeth

Favorite Games:
  • "Go Find Papa": He will go searching around the house until he finds his Papa.
  • "Can you touch it?": This is game that is hard on Mom's back. He likes to be lifted up so he can touch various items attached to our ceiling, such as fans, lights, vents, and smoke detectors.
  • Visiting the Puppies: He still loves visiting the neighbors dogs. He runs to the sliding glass window when he hears the dogs bark.
Favorite Times of the Day:
  • Bath time: He loves his little foam fishes that we got him. I will stick them all over his body and he likes to pull them off. He also loves dumping out cups of water on his large round belly. He does this about 2o times and laughs every time he does this.
  • Outdoor time: He loves wandering the yard while I rake leaves. It was weird to come back to warm weather after being in Utah, but I grateful for it. (Since I wrote this on the 8th, it has snowed and turned cold.)

Favorite Foods:
  • For the past week, Nicholas has been on a sugar detox after visiting the grandparents' house. Over the break, he loved all the juice and fruit snacks he devoured. Also, grapes are out of season so he hasn't had any since he left Utah. He still loves just about anything sweet, and he is SLOWLY learning to like vegetables.
Current Habits:
  • He still loves unloading things.
  • He loves lids.
  • He LOVES TO BE HELD!!! He wants me to carry him around all day. When I try to set him down, he refuses to stand up on his own and will lean into me. When we leave the house and go to a store or a friend's house, he doesn't want to be carried. For example, on Monday it was so cold we decided to do our walk at the mall. Nicholas loved wandering around and smiling at people. He didn't really want much to do with me; however, if the people got too close to him then he would point at me as if to say, "I'm with her, don't get any ideas."
Favorite Toys:
  • He loves the 3D glasses that we got when we saw Tron.
  • He loves remotes.
  • He loves all the new toys he got for Christmas. We got a sandbox from Grandmother and Grandfather Muhlestein. It is sitting in the middle of our living room and Nicholas loves to climb in it and hide in it. (Joseph likes the sandbox because he has finally found a way to eat in the living room on the carpet that meets my approval. He will pour himself a bowl of cereal and sit in the sandbox while he eats it and watches TV.) He got a pop up tunnel from Grandma and Grandpa Wells. He loves going through it and will now crawl through without any encouragement.
  • He loves big books. He loves looking through the Hymn book during church. He also loves all the new books he got from Grandma Wells for Christmas. His favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus."
  • He still sleeps 12 hours a night and goes down at about seven o'clock. He gets really grumpy around 10 am, so I put him down for a morning nap. He refuses to take a afternoon nap though, so he gets pretty cranky during the evening.