Sunday, April 17, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

Nicholas at 18 months

Weight: 29 lbs (He got really sick at the end of March and refused to eat anything for a whole week. He only wanted to drink milk and sit on Mom's lap. He lost a full pound during this episode. He is of course feeling better now and putting back on the pounds.

Tooth Count: 11 (His bottom right molar is about to break through.)

Sleep Schedule: He takes a nap from 10 to noon. He goes to bed around seven and wakes up at seven. He is still pretty easy to get to sleep. On nights when he is being difficult, Joseph just goes in and puts him to sleep. He always will go to bed when Papa tells him to. I think he knows I'm more likely to let him stay up later. He still takes a pacifier when he goes to bed, and he wants a blanket.

Words He Will Say A Lot: Car, Bird, Grandpa, Mama, Papa, More, Hi, Bye, Eyes, Touch, Balloon, Ball, Dog, YEAH, No, Bad

Favorite Show: Barney and Baby Signing Time
*The best part about Nicholas getting so sick at the end of March was he slowed down enough to learn to watch TV. Don't judge me, but I love that he will watch a few minutes of Barney.

Cute Things He Does:
  • He loves singing into the microphone that we have.
  • He will hold anything flat that is about the size of a phone up to his ear and talk to it.
  • When he gets scared, he lays his head on my shoulder. It is sweet to know that he has complete trust in me. He was really scared by the Easter Bunny at the mall the other day. He wouldn't take the bunny's candy.
  • We have been setting some boundaries about what he can and cannot do. He knows I don't love him to unload our hutch, so he will walk over to it and open the door. Then he will say, "No" and shut the door. He is so proud when he does this and I make sure to tell him that he is a good boy.
  • He loves looking in our refrigerator. He touches each bottle and asks what each object is.
  • He loves his sandbox.
  • He loves stairs, but he waits for Mom to help him down them.
  • He finally learned how to hold hands when he walks. It is rare that he will do it though. We've put some thought into getting a leash.
  • Dancing means stomping your foot and spinning around.
  • He loves dumping things out and making messes.
  • The best toy that he has is his treasure box filled with new random objects. He loves unloading things.
  • He loves balloons and will always point them out at the store.
Favorite Song: The Ants Go Marching

Favorite Foods:
  • Cottage cheese, cheese, chocolate, bread, and meat
Things I Wish He Wouldn't Do:
  • He pulls anything he can reach off the counter. Yesterday, I left a candy bar near the edge of the counter, and he just went over and helped himself.
  • He has a fit every time I put him in the car, because he doesn't want to get in his car seat. Nicholas thinks he should drive instead. He loves standing in the driver's seat and pushing every button. He will pick "driving" over going to the park.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Grandmother and Grandfather Muhlestein sent us a sandbox for Christmas. It was a great toy inside until the weather got warm. Now we finally went and picked up three 50 lb bags of sand today and bought some sand toys. So far the sand box is a big hit. Thanks Grandmother and Grandfather!