Sunday, September 16, 2007

A nation's tradgedy, our five minute entertainment.

The traveling Vietnam memorial stopped by for a few days in Provo, and we stopped by it for a few minutes, also in Provo. Being of a later generation, I'm afraid that the emotions and sentimentalities that we hold specifically for the Vietnam war era are comparable to those we hold for those of the crusades in the dark ages, but it was sobering to see the feelings of those for whom it is far more real expressed in flowers and pictures. While for some it was a life changing experience, it certainly was a well spent few minutes for us.

Park City (with joy)

Thanks to the time share trade of Maren's parents, we had a sweet pad in Park City for a week in between school. We got to go for a good chunk of the week, and had a great time. Highlights included Nacho Mama's, Maren's new favorite Mexican joint, and Nick's Cafe which proved to be quite authentic (and tasty) Greek food. We also got to ride the Alpine Slide and Alpine coaster, both of which were quite enjoyable. They have videos on YouTube that someone posted that shows what they are like.
(The little girl at the beginning of the slide is cute, and that guy on the coaster has a hairy leg. I get the urge to braid it every time I see it.)

It was a great escape from Provo, and with shopping thrown in, the voracious appetite of certain participants was also satiated.

Graduation: Mortar Board Parade EXTRAORDINAIRE!!

Though not officially finishing until December, Maren took the big walk in August with most of her nursing semester colleagues. The family came up and we had a great time, and celebrated by going to Park City for a week soon thereafter.

The BIRTH-Day Splash

Maren turned one year wiser on the 14th of August, and we celebrated something fierce. Joseph made the cake and succeeded in at least making it edible though not particularly the aesthetic masterpiece for which he had hoped, but at least it was pink.