Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Highlights from the Week

I have been really good about documenting our life in a couple of Shutterfly books, but I have been bad about keeping up with the blog.  Here are a few highlights from this week.  

Sometimes I try to be an awesome Mom. Sometimes this backfires.  Nicholas and I made pancakes Monday morning while Lexi slept in a little.  I made the pancakes look like bunnies and Easter eggs.  Lexi was excited until she realized that the bunny needed to be cut up.  It was devastating news delivered too early in the morning.  She couldn't handle the idea.

On Thursday, we had a great time at Discovery Gateway.  The kids loved the little scientist class on wind.  The teacher let them throw glitter, leaves, streamers, etc. into the fan to see what would happen.  They even got kites at the end of the class.  After Discovery Gateway, we stopped at Costco for lunch and some shopping.  Lexi refused to have her hot dog cut up and managed to eat half of it this way.  

My little inventor.  He made this creation out of the components of ladder ball.

We had a great trip to the zoo Saturday morning with my parents.  The kids were more excited for the slide and the little boat at the zoo than the animals.  Then we went to a McDonald's that had a play place.  My kids stayed there for three hours playing.  After this crazy day of fun, Lexi came home and put her pillow and blanket on the couch.  She then proceeded to put herself down for a nap.  WOW!

The best news of all is that for the next 4 weeks Joseph is on an easy rotation!!  He is excited to spend some time with the family and actually got to go to church with us today.