Monday, August 11, 2014

Saint Nicholas and the dragon.

Nicholas has a fascination with weapons and is always wanting to battle.  Here he is fighting his dragon.

Admittedly, pairing him with a dragon was inspired by one of my all time favorite statues, Saint George (who fought the dragon) by Donatello.  Seeing the statue in real life was one of those jaw drop moments for me and I still want to go stare at it again some day.  (I recognize using the Saint title does make it kind of sound like Santa Claus meets Malefecent.)


Kathryn said...

Haha! I was so focused on the Donatello reference, I didn't think about it sounding like Santa Clause :) Did you know that December 6th (my birthday) is also Saint Nicholas Day in Germany? It's when you leave out your shoes to get little presents. Double reason to celebrate :)

Elisabeth said...

I definitely need to go to Italy so I can, too, gawk at the glory that is St. George. But I also didn't think about Santa Clause at all. Too funny!